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Owner and operator Michael Hovance first opened the doors to The Perfect Swing Golf Company on May 1st, 1998. Starting as a small repair shop, he serviced about a dozen local golf courses and proshops in the area while slowly building a customer base with walk-in customers. Club repair had laid the ground work for what was to come. The Perfect Swing’s extensive repair facility enabled Hovance to begin experimenting with custom built golf clubs. The dedication to perfection that Michael put into every repair immediately flowed into his work with golf club manufacturing and professional fitting. Golfers soon caught on and were extremely satisfied with the products being introduced in the small shop. Satisfied customers spread the word and the business began to grow.

“Loyal and dedicated customers are what keeps the business growing to this day. Each and every season I strive to bring the newest and highest quality products into my shop to help maximize peoples’ golf games. My customers will always be my first priority because they have brought The Perfect Swing to where it is today,” states Hovance.

Be sure to stop in the shop to check out our extensive line of “custom proline” and proline golf clubs. Feel free to use our contoured putting green and indoor or outdoor hitting areas to demo our latest products. Learn about the many different elements that go into a golf club such as the shaft, head, and grip. See first hand the importance of being properly fitted and what the right set-up can do for you. We always welcome any questions or inquiries in general or about a specific product. The more we can educate you about your golf equipment, the more informed decision you can make when the time comes for your next purchase.

The Perfect Swing stands behind all of our products and only carries manufacturers with premium quality products and reliable warranties. Michael personally tests and evaluates all new lines and won’t carry them if he is not completely satisfied. We look forward to building a loyal relationship and helping you to maximize your golfing potential.


1998 – Michael Hovance Establishes Perfect Swing Golf
1999 – First Club fitting studio is built at Toms River location
2000 – Michael Hovance becomes PCS and GCA Certified Cub Maker
2007 – Mizuno recognizes PSG as Top 100 Fitters in the US
2007 – PSG moves to Lakewood, NJ and takes over ownership of Lakewood Golf Range. Perfect Swing Golf Center is established
2008 – PSGC becomes a Mitchell Certified Repair Shop
2010 – Mizuno Recognizes PSGC as Top 100 Fitters in the US
2011 – Golf Digest Recognizes PSGC as Top 100 Fitting Centers in the US (2011-2012)
2012 – Ping Recognizes Michael Hovance as “Club Fitter of the Year”
2013 – Golf Digest Recognizes PSGC as Top 100 Fitting Centers in the US (2013-2014)
2013 – Ping Recognizes Michael Hovance as “Top 100 Club Fitters” in the USA
2014 – Joe Murphy, PGA Professional, joins PSG Fitting & Teaching staff
2014 – Mizuno Recognizes PSG as a “Top 100 Fitters” in the US
2015 – Golf Digest Recognizes PSG as a Top 100 Fitting Center in the US (2015-2016)